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Our mission is simple - to deliver servicing, maintenance and repairs at affordable and competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of vehicle reliability and safety. This ensures optimal life and performance for customers' vehicle.

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We are the best on Bribie!
Open 7am-5pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 8am-12noon, Phone 3408 4477

State of the Art Car Service Centre

The BRIBIE CAR CARE service centre is a state of the art car servicing facility, operating since 2004 in Bribie Island, Sandstone Point, Ningi and surrounding areas. We have highly trained specialists, with experience in all areas of servicing, repairs and maintenance. We can carry out service work and repairs on large variety of vehicle. 

Trained Technicians

We are specialist in log book and customized services. Our technicians have experience in diagnostics software, used to analyse and repair any faults with accuracy. We can replace parts quickly, and we also provide safety and pre-purchase inspections. Our combined experience means that once we service your vehicle, it will keep on driving just as it was designed to! 

Car Servicing and Repairs

If you need your vehicle serviced in Bribie Island, Sandstone Point or Ningi contact us or make a booking. We are not just limited to these areas; we can assist all car owners in and around Brisbane. 

We Have the Know-how

No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we have the know-how to keep it running smoothly, safely and reliably. 


  • Manufacturer log book servicing
    (as mandated by the manufacturer)
  • Customized servicing to suit you
    and your vehicles needs
  • Mechanical repairs, electrical repairs
  • Car air- conditioning service
  • Tyres
  • Wheel alignment
  • Break Down and Towing Service
  • Brakes and exhaust systems
  • Safety Inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections


What Makes Bribie Care Car Unique?

What makes BRIBIE CAR CARE so unique is our use of up to date on-board diagnostics, testing and servicing equipment coupled with a powerful technical networking system for accurate resolution of faults. As a consequence, we can also order parts and accessories easily, resulting in an efficient, streamlined process. 


You can trust Bribie Car Care







Our BRIBIE ISLAND workshop at 4 Armitage St, is conveniently located and is easy to access. We have assisted customers in and around the BRIBIE ISLAND since 2004 including Sandstone Point, Ningi and Caboolture.


Please ask us about a courtesy car during the time your vehicle is with us, and we may be able to provide one for you. We do not rush our work – your car deserves the time it needs, and professional attention to detail. 

Call us today on 3408 4477, or email us at info@bribiecarcare.com.au

Bribie Car Care wheel alignment work

Our September SPECIAL Deal -►

As Parcel Contractors, our vehicles are the lifeblood of our business. We have been dealing with Bribie Car Care for over five years now and have always been extremely happy with their service. Apart from regular servicing, they frequently go above and beyond to assist us in emergency situations. We can tend to be “difficult” customers as when one of our vans fails on the road, we need parts or labour immediately. Scott and Adam continually go out of their way to get us what we need timeously and at the best price they can find.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Bribie Car Care for your vehicle maintenance. Not only do they have a great team of mechanics, they have mastered the art of customer service. 

Helen & Nikie Lenkie Pty Ltd  (Aus Post Parcel Contractors, Bribie)

Both my husband and myself have had both of our cars regularly looked after at Bribie Car Care for quite a number of years.

We have found the team at BCC to be honest, friendly, and we have never had any of those  "hidden" little things pop up that are going to cost us more.
We have over the years, had complete trust in the Bribie Car Care team that we will receive the best possible quality service to our vehicles, and value for money.

Because both my husband and myself work full-time the pick-up and delivery service that they offer is terrific. No trying to arrange drop off and pick ups that cut into your time.

I would recommend the team at Bribie Car Care to anyone who wants good, honest, quality servicing to their vehicles.

We would never take our vehicles any where else!

Denise Douglas


If you’re looking for a business which has the technical knowledge to properly maintain your vehicle then Bribie Car Care should be the first on your list to call.  If you are like me gone are the days when you could look under the bonnet and sort out the problem. Everything is computer controlled these days and unless you have the right equipment coupled with the right knowhow your chances of solving the problem is extremely remote. Scotty and the team have been looking after my vehicle for many years now. They are very proactive in their approach, sending out reminder notices when the service is due, explaining in detail what needs to be done, communicating before any major work is performed and ensuring your vehicle is running efficiently.

Peter O’BrienL

OBT Accounting & Tax